Remaining private in a social world


Social media is a growing part of society nowadays. It is used as a means of communications, keeping up on current events and expressing oneself. I would consider this blog part of my social media networking. In the past I have blasted my life on social media, took part in drama and learned my lesson from it. From my experiences I have learned to keep my private life private in this very public world; at least as much as I can.

I have already written a post about Facebook etiquette, I may have actually even wrote about keeping your life private, but in case I forgot let me reiterate.

If you’re a teenager; high school already knows your business and it may be difficult to keep it off of the social media radar [that’s understandable, but be the bigger person and deal with it in person and off the internet].

From observations there are several things that people do that suggests that they are not private people:

  • YOUR BODY. You post half dressed [naked/underwear photos not to include bathing suits] If you do this… you don’t have an issue making your body public. You are putting it out there to be creeped on, looked at, and have opinions formed about you. Unless you are a Victoria’s Secret or a model in for a paying company… you’re seeking attention. What is more private than your body.
  • YOUR RELATIONSHIP [that might be more private]You post significant other drama. If you do this you are inviting other people into your problems because you are incapable of taking care of it within the relationship. You’re bringing your private life public.
  • YOUR MEDICAL INFORMATION. You post about all of your medical problems all of the time. I don’t know about you, but that is private. I wouldn’t want everyone to know what’s wrong with my body. I would prefer to take care of it silently, with people I know who actually truly care and move on.

There are a list of things that should remain private and meant to be dealt within a limited group of your closest people or maybe perhaps just between you and your significant other.

Someone I know very well does not claim to be a private person, posts everything on Facebook and to me is a well known attention seeker. However; this person had something medically wrong… the kind of thing that draws a ton of attention, cancer. They never put it on Facebook, they never mentioned it on social media. It was handled within family and friends; a true support group. [Note: said person is currently cancer free but being checked every six months to make sure nothing is coming back]

Another person I know not as well leaves little to the imagination when it comes to their personal/private life. I can tell you what underwear the person wears, what parts of their body are “destroyed”, who the person dated, for how long, and why they broke up. Their life is an open book and the world can read it. However; this person claims they lead a private lifestyle.

Throughout high school and college, my life was all over social media. I don’t believe I spared any detail. My relationship in high school was basically blasted on Facebook and MySpace [during the early parts of the relationship] and all our issues were out there for everyone to offer their opinion. Needless to say that relationship evaporated in high school after years together and in college after we tried again. I learned part of my lesson. I learned the rest of the lesson with a relationship and Tumblr as my early college relationship became the center of my writing.

After that, I definitely learned my lesson. My relationships after that remained private and any issues that were had between myself and significant others were handled between the two of us. My marriage is no exception now; when it’s sacred to you… you hold it near and dear to your heart where no one can touch it or offer suggestions.

I have two rows of front teeth… that’s not something new. I don’t post what foods are difficult to eat because of my situation but say I’m managing. [Believe it, there are foods that SUCK to eat] I know someone that always writes how often they are in the gym even though they have “destroyed shoulders”. Then they keep it up by calling everyone else that is “healthy” lazy for doing less than what they are doing being “disabled”. [They actually call themselves disabled]

If you post bathing suit pictures… whatever you’re at the beach, you’re tanning with friends, you’re having fun. It’s a bathing suit, the purpose is to be seen. You’re underwear are private, they are meant to be seen by you and whoever is removing them and dropping them to the floor.


I don’t want to rant. I don’t want to lose fluidity [even though I fear I might have] so let me leave you with this… Keep your shit private. If you don’t want your relationship to have a million other opinions keep it private. If you don’t want to be creeped on/stalked or people staring at your pictures… keep your underwear covered up. If you are dealing with some medical things, deal with it within a perfect support group of a select few you trust and know will be there. If you’re in high school… do your best to get out alive and know that there is life after high school; you’ll make it.


What else should be kept private and off social media?




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